Reliable Bookkeeping Services Toronto at Your Own Pace and Budget

Good financial data and keeping your company’s financial records up-to-date will be very helpful in making a better business decision in the future. Good and reliable bookkeeping is key to keeping accurate financial records for a company. Thus, at the end of the year, a company is able to analyze their company’s financial health. Implementing financial analysis services of Bookkeeping Services Toronto, such as Ortus Accounting, provides many advantages and prevents business from loss. Bookkeeping helps to showcase the past company’s financial performance and helps to plan for the future.

Bookkeeping Service with the Highest Standard in Toronto and GTA

 Ortus Accounting’s mission is to provide customized and the highest standard accounting and bookkeeping services that meet its financial and professional needs. Ortus Accounting is a customer-oriented accounting company in which its customers’ experience takes priority over the company’s profit. Ortus Bookkeeper Toronto understands that business will not thrive unless it consistently improves customer focus and achieves goals. The Ortus Accounting service areas include Toronto, Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

Bookkeeping Service in Toronto for Small and Medium Size Businesses

No matter how big the company is and how many employees they have, Ortus Accounting focuses on small and medium-size businesses to provide excellent bookkeeping, accounting, controller, and training service in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Ortus Accounting has worked with many clients from different fields such as construction, trade and manufacturing, advertising, consulting and professionals, e-commerce and IT, medical and health, retail and real estate, food services, and more.

Ortus Accounting is a Bookkeeping Service Toronto established in summer 2017 with multiple services, including:

  • Bookkeeping Services

Ortus Accounting Bookkeeping Toronto provides accurate and affordable ongoing bookkeeping services that meet business needs and goals. Ortus Accounting will provide bookkeeping solutions; Record all the revenues and expenses; Bank and credit card reconciliation; Accounting for capital assets, mortgages, and leases, inventory, loans, related-party transactions; Correct set of your chart of accounts; Data migration from older software applications into QuickBooks, etc.

  • Financial Controller/Part-time CFO

Ortus Accounting Financial Controller Services provides a reliable and professional financial manager. Ortus Accounting CFO will help guide companies to make proper decisions to succeed. Ortus Accounting Financial Controller, together with the client, will carry out the following task; Management of bookkeeping and accounting processes; Prepare management reports; Interpret interim financial results; Developing budgets; Inventory tracking and job costing; Managing special projects; Financial ratio analysis and performance measurement; and much more.

  • Software Training Service

The Small Business Bookkeeping Services Toronto at Ortus Accounting offers accounting software training service provides training for modern booking software ‘QuickBooks’. This training will shorten your time in learning everything about QuickBooks software and develop your skills and knowledge of using this software at your own pace. Ortus Accounting software training sessions consist of a 3 hour time period. This training covers; General accounting overview; a Comprehensive overview of QuickBooks; Fundamentals of invoicing, sales taxes, banking and reports, paying bills, and time tracking; Revenue and expenses recognition; Financial ratios and analysis, and more. This software training service is perfect for those new to Quickbooks or anyone looking for effective bookkeeping software.

  • Reliable Accounting Consulting Service

With many years of experience Bookkeeping Services Near Me Toronto providing reliable and accurate bookkeeping services, Ortus Accounting Consulting Service will help individuals or companies identify their company weaknesses and performance. Other than that, Ortus Accounting can also provide advice to improve a company’s profitability, monitoring, and forecasting costs & revenues. In addition, with credible professionals & expertise, Ortus Accounting can provide recommendations on accounting processes and internal controls, as well as compliance with accounting and tax rules and regulations.

  • Interim Financial Statements Service

Ortus Accounting Interim Financial Statements Service helps companies to provide timely financial statements. Ortus Accounting helps clients make financial statements from financial information gathered. This financial statement helps companies provide accurate financial health reports that increase financial reliability, Improve operational efficiency, Peace of mind for business or organization stakeholders, Improve shareholder relations, and more.

Cost-Effective Bookkeeping Services in Toronto

Choosing a proper Bookkeeping Services in Toronto, like Ortus Accounting, provides tons of benefits. Apart from gaining experienced accounting services with experienced personnel, companies can also enhance their credibility without spending too much time and money. Ortus Accounting bookkeeping service is a cost-effective accounting service for small to medium size businesses. A company can use the Ortus Accounting service on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. In addition, Ortus Accounting’s bookkeeping service starts from $250 per month. The cost of Ortus Accounting services is lower than hiring a full-time accountant. For more information or to receive a free consultation, please call (647) 877-5605 or visit Our Bookkeeping Services Pricing


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