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Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill

Ortus Accounting provides accounting, bookkeeping, controller and software training services in Richmond Hill.

Are you receiving A full value for the money you pay for the bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill

Without a solid foundation of the accurate bookkeeping, financial statements or income tax return are meaningless. First of all, proper bookkeeping gives companies a reliable measure of their financial performance. Secondly, it helps to effectively manage cash flows, make strategic decisions and evaluations. Most importantly, it helps to achieve tax compliance, and provides reliable financial data to investors and business owners. In short, once a business is up and running, spending extra time and money on maintaining proper records is critical. Besides that, you are required under the law to maintain accurate books and records. In fact, “poor accounting” is one of the top reasons businesses fail. Without reliable bookkeeping, you are blindly driving your business off a cliff. And At Ortus Accounting Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill, our team is here for you!

Our ongoing bookkeeping service is the effective way to get up-to-date, meaningful and well-organized financial records regardless of the location, industry or business cycle of your company and without administrative and financial costs of hiring a full-time employee

Whether you are growing or well-established business, individually owned or franchise operation, we are here to help. Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill will provide bookkeeping solutions you require and deliver high-quality, reliable, uninterrupted and timely professional services essential for growth and success of your business.

At Ortus Accounting, we have the expertise, system and resources to continuously manage and maintain your company’s financial records in compliance with the accounting and income tax rules and regulations. Bookkeeping Services Richmond Hill ensures that your financial statements and corporate tax return are based on a reliable and audit proof bookkeeping. Your records will be prepared with at most due professional care and in a timely fashion.

You only will pay for the services you need, and only when you need them. We don’t outsource your bookkeeping – all bookkeeping is done by real humans in Toronto. We will provide you with the necessary support for your ongoing success. Our clients receive practically immediate access to their financial records once the bookkeeping is complete. We currently serve the areas of Toronto and GTA.

Our company provides the best bookkeeping services money can buy!

In sum, we will properly account for all of your revenues and expenses, reconcile bank and credit card accounts. We can also manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable. We also ensure that sales taxes, employer health tax, WSIB and payroll deductions accurately accounted for and filed on time. Therefore, we will work closely with your company to ensure that you receive the best personalized service available.

Our company provides the following bookkeeping and general accounting services that are tailored to meet your business needs and goals:

  • Bank and credit card reconciliation

  • Correct set of your chart of accounts

  • Data migration from older software applications into QuickBooks

  • Record all the revenues and expenses

  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Accounting for capital assets, inventory, loans, mortgages and leases, related-party transactions

  • Merchandising operations/COGS, foreign exchange and multiple currency, payroll, out-of-pocket expenses, petty cash, etc.

  • Prepare and file GST / HST returns, WSIB and EHT

  • Interim financial statements (for your personal use) and advisory

  • Year-end support including year-end documentation and schedules require for the compilation of notice to reader financial statements

We offer monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services.


  • Send your documents – email or courier to our office

  • We work – we review and process financial and operations documents provided

  • We follow-up – If there are unknown transactions or suspicious financial activity, we will ask you to clarify and/or provide support

  • Review – upon completion of the bookkeeping, we email you management reports and general ledger for review and approval


  • Improve quality and timeliness of financial information

  • Quick response to your email or telephone inquiries

  • Improve management and financial decision-making abilities

  • Free up valuable time that can be used for a business development

  • Keep track of important deadlines for government filings and payments

  • Achieve greater efficiency by involving an outside expert

  • Same bookkeeper works for you to guarantee quality and efficiency

  • Provide valuable advice on what needs to be changed on the spot to comply with CRA requirements
  • Stay on top of your paperwork by organizing and filing it
  • Minimize exposure from accounting personnel turnover

  • Strict quality control and full support from our office

Contact us for a free consultation to determine which type of bookkeeping is required or beneficial for your business.

Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill Ortus Accounting provides accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium size businesses in Richmond Hill, Toronto and GTA. Our company delivers professional services on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis. Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill can help your organization to streamline accounting and bookkeeping processes, minimize administrative burden that will allow you to focus on your core priorities and goals, as well as provide financial information required to successfully grow your business. Changing a bookkeeping firm is not always easy. Bookkeeping Service Richmond Hill offers just a two steps approach that will make a transition process as smooth as possible. First of all, we will provide you with a clear scope and understanding of how our company will be able to help you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs during a transition and going forward. Secondly, we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition by supporting and following agreed terms, conditions and timelines to minimize stress, waste of time, money and corporate resources during the transition.

Bookkeeping Services in Richmond Hill

Changing a bookkeeping firm can be a significant step for your organization. It can be helpful, or can drain your resources and time if you choose the wrong firm to work with. For any business owner, the main focus will be to assess whether bookkeeping services rendered by a company fit specific needs of the organization. Working with Bookkeeping Services in Richmond Hill will allow business owners to concentrate on what they do the best – their core business activities. Outsourcing to our bookkeeping firm will free up time tied up with various tedious bookkeeping and accounting tasks that could be effectively spent on growing your business, professional development and taking care of everyday business operations. Ortus Accounting will deliver the best bookkeeping services money can buy and guarantee excellent results and reliability of our services.

Bookkeeper Richmond Hill

Finding a top-notch bookkeeping firm could be challenging. As the bookkeeping industry is not regulated, it only adds difficulties in searching for a truly professional organization that would take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Just by outsourcing your books to Bookkeeper Richmond Hill, you will have a great opportunity to work with a team who has been working in public accounting for more than 10 years and have vast experience in various industries such as business professionals, construction, food and retail industries. Our bookkeeping company provides services that are always delivered on time. We also ensure that our jobs are as accurate and reliable as they can be as we always aim to complete a project within the time agreed upon or return phone calls or emails as soon as we can.

Richmond Hill Bookkeeper

Richmond Hill Bookkeeper Ortus Accounting will help your company to turn data into meaningful financial information required for strategic business decision making. Our reliable bookkeeping solutions will provide you with interim financial reports to review accompanied with crucial financial indicators and ratios to effectively analyze your business performance and aim to improve profitability of your operations. We also will help with preparing cash flow statements that in addition to investing and financing activities will be tracking cash inflows and outflows essential to the success and growth of any business.

Bookkeeper in Richmond Hill

Bookkeeper In Richmond Hill Ortus Accounting will help your company to free up resources required to generate profits. First of all, you will be able to focus stress free on your goals and objectives as your mind and time will no longer be occupied with tedious bookkeeping and accounting tasks. You get all the time you need to focus on growth and development of your business instead of crunching numbers in the middle of the night. And you will be able to pay more attention to your company’s assets and resources and how to utilize them more effectively to add value to your business.

Small Business Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Small Business Bookkeeping Richmond Hill will help you to get through the CRA review or audit as easily as possible. Our ongoing bookkeeping services and professional team will ensure that your books and records are properly organized, accurate and complete. Messy books and records can significantly prolong review or auditing processes and make this process even more complicated. Inaccuracies in providing supporting documentation such as missing bills or invoices, incorrectly claimed GST/HST ITCs due to poor bookkeeping practices will also result in already significant interest and penalties or disallowing business deductions and all negative consequences that comes with it. On top of that, it increases the cost of the audit and most importantly-time that business owners have to deal with this most of the time avoidable problem. Thus, Ortus Accounting offers monthly or quarterly bookkeeping solutions that can help business owners to minimize risk of an audit and just focus on growth and development of their business.

Small Business Bookkeeper Richmond Hill

Small Business Bookkeeper Richmond Hill will ensure that you do not miss key business deductions. Keeping records of business expenses organized sounds simple enough until they get lost. And when these kinds of mistakes happen, business transactions often end up improperly categorized or not recorded at all. Our bookkeeping team can keep track of all your business documentation on a monthly or quarterly basis and get all financial records ready for a tax season stress free. But most importantly, we will deliver accurate, complete and reliable financial information essential for strategic business decision making.

Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Ortus Accounting offers fair prices for the services to clients. Cost should not be only the factor why small business owners would like to outsource their bookkeeping function to an outside firm. However, outsourcing indeed saves a company a lot of time, money and other indirect costs. One of the major factors is that you do not have to hire a full time employee if your company does not require 37.50 hours of bookkeeping and accounting tasks per week. And you can always scale up if you ever require more help if you ever need. Our bookkeeping firm will be able to deliver services weekly, monthly or quarterly or as required as well as to perform various ad-hoc tasks. In addition, outsourcing to Bookkeeping Richmond Hill minimized other costs such as losses from fraud, waste or abuse of the corporate resources including fines and errors on late tax filings as our team ensures to deliver our services on time. And on top of that, you will be able to save on rent, administrative costs, payroll taxes or training costs.

Richmond Hill Bookkeeping

Working with Richmond Hill Bookkeeping will help you with the budget. Our team will help you to create a financial roadmap of your business operations that you will use effectively for planning for future expenses such as purchasing capital items, hiring decisions as well as your own financial future. As most of the income for small business owners and entrepreneurs comes from their businesses, you need to ensure your business is as profitable as it can be with all the resources utilized and no opportunities to waste. Moreover, you will be able to plan for resources required for expansion as well as be able to review your corporate assets and costs associated with it.

Bookkeeping in Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping in Richmond Hill will help you keep your books and records up to date for a purpose of tax compliance. At the end of each financial year, business owners should not get blindsided with various taxes they owe to CRA. Whether its a corporate income tax liability, sales tax obligations or payroll deductions at source payable. Our bookkeeping company will help you organize your finances during the year and not scramble for your tax obligations just before a deadline. Out team will ensure that you will know in advance how much you earned during the year and how much you will owe to a tax man.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Outsourced Bookkeeping Richmond Hill ensures you will get advice when you need one. A good bookkeeper will always provide valuable alternatives on how to make accounting and bookkeeping processes within your company as efficient as they can be. It includes proper record keeping such as reviewing and saving bank and credit card statements, receipts and invoices as well as keeping safe all the accounting ledgers, financial statements and tax returns. This information is crucial in the event of a review or audit from the CRA when you must provide all the information required to the company with the requirements of the tax rules and regulations. It also includes automation of processes such as importing bank feeds from accounts, or payroll services that saves a great deal of time and money in the long run. On top of that, our firm will keep an eye on a shareholders account to ensure that it is not overdrawn too much as it could result in significant personal tax liabilities. We are also able to identify trends of your business, opportunities for growth and expansion, perform revenue and expenses analysis and develop strategies on how to contain costs. We work as business partners with our clients and help them every step of the way to achieve business goals and objectives.

Monthly Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Monthly Bookkeeping Richmond Hill will ensure that your accounting records are extensively used for business analysis. Our bookkeeping firm will deliver periodic financial reports that will help you to measure progress and financial growth of your company and continuously evaluate profit and loss from your operations. Our bookkeeping team will also help you to identify strengths and weaknesses of your company as well as opportunities and market threats.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Working with QuickBooks Bookkeeping Richmond Hill will free your time and help to focus more on tactical and strategic planning of your business. We will ensure that you have all business information available and required for planning and achieving both personal and corporate financial goals. Our bookkeeping firm will help you to track current financial results and adjust long and term objectives accordingly. Another important reason for outsourcing with our bookkeeping firm is giving business owners an opportunity to have a clear vision of your future. As business grows, bookkeeping services required will be growing at a similar rate as well. Therefore, companies can add additional bookkeeping services when required or reduce them if changing circumstances require.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper Richmond Hill

QuickBooks Bookkeeper Richmond Hill will help you with the financial and cash management of your business, that in turn flows into the constructive control of the operating side of your business. Ortus Accounting will help you with tracking of all the financing, investing and inflows and outflows of operating activities. Keeping books and records organized will allow you to focus more on the revenue side of your business such as issuing and tracking all your invoices properly, keeping eye on the collections and ensuring healthy relationships with your suppliers. It will result in improved cash flow into your business and cash management of your operations.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me Richmond Hill

Bookkeeping Services Near Me Richmond Hill give business owners peace of mind. Messy and disorganized books can weigh heavily and can keep entrepreneurs and management up at night. Our bookkeeping firm ensures that all bookkeeping is complete on time, financial records accurate as they can be and ready for review. Investors and lenders no longer will give you a headache and anxiety. Our bookkeeping firm will help to ease up your mind and get focused on more important elements of your business including improving efficiency of operations or introducing new products or services. On top of that, you will have more time and energy for your own professional development and training. Up to date bookkeeping will give you confidence that your books and records are accurate and reliable, and can effectively be used for financial analysis of operations, budgeting, forecasting or financial planning. And finally, you will be certain of a money trail on where money going to and coming from.

Bookkeeper Near Me Richmond Hill

Bookkeeper Near Me Richmond Hill will ensure that business owners keep personal and business expenses separately. Commingling expenses create additional work that will result in increased time and cost of bookkeeping and accounting services. In addition, in the event of a review or audit by the CRA, it can put you in much more trouble if this happens. Thus, consider contacting our firm for additional information!

Cloud Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Cloud Bookkeeper Richmond Hill

Online Bookkeeping Richmond Hill

Online Bookkeeper Richmond Hill

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