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Bookkeeping Services Toronto

Ortus Accounting provides accounting, bookkeeping, controller and software training services in Toronto and GTA.

Ortus Accounting offers reliable and audit-proof accounting and bookkeeping services in Toronto and GTA that always completed on time. We can efficiently work at your location, off-site, or combination of the two. Whether you are a start-up, growing or well-established business, independently owned or a franchise operation, Bookkeeping Services Toronto Ortus Accounting is here to help. Our ideal client is looking for more than an bookkeeper or accountant; our ideal client views us like as a resource partner helping you every step of the way and supporting in key areas of your business. At Bookkeeping Services Toronto with Ortus Accounting, we offer an ideal solution to our clients if they want to focus on growing their businesses with the confidence that we take care of their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Our services are marked by in-depth technical knowledge combined with years of professional experience and business understanding

Bookkeeping Services Toronto Ortus Accounting will provide you with the financial expertise you need. We will become an invaluable member of your team as we create and implement the accounting systems and processes that will add value to your business model and contribute significantly to your company’s growth, profitability and development.

Above all, we possess  a strong desire you as our client to succeed!

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“High quality, reliable and professional services. Fair rates. Friendly and responsive customer service. I would recommend for any small business owner.”

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We prepare and maintain your accounting records in accordance with GAAP and in compliance with income tax rules.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Toronto


You get out from under the bookkeeping burden and hassle of maintaining accounting records on your own.


We streamline your accounting processes and deliver accurate, consistent and meaningful financial information.


You get back the time you need to grow your business and achieve corporate goals and objectives.

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At Ortus Accounting we deliver the high quality, reliable and audit-proof bookkeeping and accounting services.

Our firm provides customized solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the Toronto and GTA.

Most importantly, we offer fair and competitive prices, personalized approach and great customer service.

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We work as a single united team and provide the best accounting and bookkeeping services that money can buy!


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Bookkeeping Service Toronto


Bookkeeping Service Toronto

Ortus Accounting will keep your company’s financial records accurate and up-to-date by performing accounting and bookkeeping services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our typical process includes bank and credit card reconciliation, preparing and filing GST/HST returns, as well as writing up interim financial statements for a better and smarter business decision making and analysis. Additional services include QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online software training, financial controller duties and corporate tax filings. Bookkeeping Service Toronto also can help to set up accounting and finance systems in your company, perform business planning and forecasting. With our assistance, you will be able to plan for the financial success of your operations, identify opportunities for expansion and make timely business decisions regarding financial and operational issues that might arise. Our bookkeeping solutions will help you to save a significant amount of time, money and headache during the tax season and throughout the year.

Bookkeeping Services in Toronto


Bookkeeping Services in Toronto

Our bookkeeping firm offers its clients financial accuracy in its financial and tax reporting. Developed through over 10 years of extensive public accounting experience, Bookkeeping Services in Toronto are familiar with various types of financial recordkeeping and accounting and tax knowledge applicable in various business transactions. Even though some entrepreneurs and small business owners are more than capable of doing their own bookkeeping, nonetheless it might not be the best use of their time. Instead of wasting hours of their time researching various accounting or tax rules, and their applicability, or learning how to efficiently and effectively use accounting software, or trying to put together basic financial statements, Ortus Accounting will be able to do it for you. Our bookkeeping company will help you to save money, time, effort and energy and significantly reduce risk of errors that throw off your finances and accuracy of a corporate tax return if you do not do it correctly.

Bookkeeper Toronto

Bookkeeper Toronto

Bookkeeper Toronto

Our firm offers monthly, quarterly or annually bookkeeping services in Toronto, GTA and Ontario to its clients. Even with the level of technological advancements, bookkeeping can be quite tedious and time consuming. And it’s especially true for new or growing businesses where management or business owners are already spreading thin between growing their businesses, increasing customer base, adding value to services, strategic planning and fulfilling government regulatory requirements or tax obligations. And adding bookkeeping on top of that might be overwhelming. Bookkeeper Toronto will free up a lot of your time and allow you to focus on business planning and growing your business operations. In addition, working with us, you do not have to look for an in-house employee. It includes significant savings of time and money such as avoiding the administrative cost of hiring or firing employees, payroll taxes, or professional development and training expenses. As a result, reduced payroll costs is one of the major ways to improve the profitability of your operations.

Toronto Bookkeeper



Working with us will give you access to a highly trained team of bookkeeping professionals. Toronto Bookkeeper offers its clients more than 10 years of public accounting experience in various industries-advertising and promotion, business professionals and consultants, construction and general trade, e-commerce, fitness and sport organizations, food and catering, retail and real estate, medical and health care professionals. Our firm strives for continuous professional development, training and learning new things about critical aspects of our clients’ businesses. Our continuous improvements also come hand to hand with the software training and enhanced digital solutions that can streamline accounting and bookkeeping processes essential for accurate and reliable recordkeeping. We ensure to deliver to our clients the best bookkeeping services in Toronto money can buy. As a result, you can freely leave your books in our hands and you can focus on what you are good at-continue building your business.

Bookkeeper in Toronto


Bookkeeper in Toronto

Importance of accurate and organized financial information and records can not be underestimated. Any business owner should be able to easily access their financial records at any time. Bookkeeper in Toronto helps entrepreneurs and small business owners avoid having a last minute stress of trying to locate an important piece of accounting data that could result in continuous errors creeping through, missing the deadline of filing sales or corporate income taxes. Companies of any size can not afford to make any mistakes (material or not) in their financial recordkeeping and working regularly with us will help them to stay on top of the financial things. We will ensure that you are not leaving bookkeeping and tax filing till the last moment, and be able to maintain organized records throughout the year. And over time, it will make life significantly easier as all information required for the businesses decision making will be at your fingertips and accumulated historical data help track progress of your company.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Toronto

Working with us will help you to focus on your core business activities without worrying that you fall behind in compliance with government agencies such as CRA or preparing interim financial reporting to evaluate your periodic financial performance. All your attention and energy can be effectively devoted to growing your business and taking care of everyday operations. Outsourcing bookkeeping to our firm, will help to increase your company’s profitability in both saving hidden or overhead costs. As you do not have to employ a file time accountant or bookkeeper, as well as protect the company’s assets from fraud, waste and abuse of the corporate resources. In addition, you can avoid hassle with looking for qualified candidates, staff turnover, vacation, scalability or seasonal peaks. In addition, Outsourced Bookkeeping Toronto ensures that you receive both quality and quantity bookkeeping services required at the moment your business needs attention the most.

Small Business Bookkeeping Toronto

Working with Ortus Accounting will keep your company ready for a tax season. As annoying as it can possibly be, all businesses have to file income tax returns every year. On top of that – sales taxes such as GST/HST that have to be filed quarterly, or employees payroll deductions have to be remitted to CRA on time to avoid interest and penalties. With a Small Business Bookkeeping Toronto bookkeeping process implemented, you have all the information at your fingertips and ready for tax season or any other time a taxman comes around and starts breathing down your neck. Continuously keeping books and records up to date ensures that you do not have to scramble to get your numbers in order when tax season comes. We will help you to file taxes smoothly as possible and take advantage of most of the potential tax deductions available.

Small Business Bookkeeper Toronto

Our bookkeeping firm will ensure that you will be able to easily see business targets. Without reliable and accurate accounting information to analyze, it is not easy to set any business goal without making a mistake. As every business owner wants eventually to grow their business, they need to ensure that no inaccurate and messy financial records or poor bookkeeping practices would be able to stop it from happening. Small Business Bookkeeper Toronto will stay on top of the things and by keeping financial records straight. Therefore, you will be able to line up your business goals more accurately and achieve growth as planned. We will ensure that all your business targets are based on actual numbers and no longer a guessing game. Thus, you will no longer be experiencing disappointment as you won’t be able to reach targets you planned based on inaccurate records.

Bookkeeping Toronto

Ortus Accounting helps its clients meet the requirements for record keeping as CRA required by law. A company must keep all its records such as bank and credit card statements, bills from vendors and clients’ invoices , ledgers, or out-of-pocket receipts. Property recordkeeping will help with determining whether a company needs to charge GS/HST or not, remember deductions and HST ITCs, as well as go through audit or review processes that have been taking place more and more frequently, and be informed about the financial position of your company. Bookkeeping Toronto does its best to ensure that your accounting and other financial information is complete, including all the records required to meet your tax obligations, prepared based on the supporting documents provided. However, we also would like to remind our clients that it’s their responsibility to protect your records even if you hire a third party (bookkeeping or accounting firm) to hold them for you.

Toronto Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is particularly important as it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with their budgeting. To begin with, Ortus Accounting will help its clients to properly organize and calculate all the revenue and expenses essential for proper future financial planning . Accurate books and records will make it significantly easier to review all the financial resources available and allocate them how it fits corporate goals and objectives. Budgeting is important as it will help your business to create a financial roadmap of your operational and financial performance in the long run. In addition, you will be able to see whether you are actually spending money the way you are supposed to spend. Most importantly, with Toronto Bookkeeping, business owners can plan for future operating and capital expenditures, as well as plan for resources that would cover those expenses.

Bookkeeping in Toronto

Keeping books and records accurate and up to date can help small business owners to better manage their cash flow. Cash is king and lifeblood for any business. With Bookkeeping in Toronto, you will be able to easily track your revenue and expenses, as well as manage accounts receivable and payables. These items are the essential components of how cash flow management works as you will know exactly when your customers pay you and when you should pay your suppliers. If you have a positive cash flow, it means you have more cash coming in than going out and have a good working capital to rely on. And with a negative cash flow, payments exceed cash inflows and you are simply having issues with liquidity when you are not able to cover your financial obligations on time or in full. Thus, properly implemented cash flow policies such as allowing you to shorten the amount of time to collect payments from your clients is one of the effective elements of adequate cash flow management that can significantly improve your collections. And on another hand, you can delay payments to your vendors or take advantage of early discount options available that also can improve your cash on hand.

Monthly Bookkeeping Toronto

Profit is a key indicator of success or failure of your business. Monthly Bookkeeping Toronto will help your business to effectively track profitability and growth. Whether its monthly, quarterly or annual review and analysis of interim financial statements such as balance sheet, income and cash flow statements will result in better understanding the business cycle of your operations. It includes evaluations seasonally of the business, ongoing operating expenditures and their changes or tax liabilities payments. Interim reports can also effectively be used for budgeting and measuring capital required to expand operations. You will know exactly what services or products are more profitable or income you receive from investments. And finally, with preparing accurate and reliable financial data and after accumulating months and years of the financial data, business owners will be able to observe trends and effectively compare results across periods.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Toronto

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Toronto Ortus Accounting offers its over 10 years of public accounting experience working with the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Our team can effectively reconcile bank and credit card accounts, record all the revenues and expenses, prepare and file GST/HST return, provide assistance with the payroll, verify and reconcile government liability accounts such as corporate tax, payroll liabilities or HST. We can assist you with generating financial reports that can be effectively used to analyze business operations, and perform horizontal, vertical or ratio analysis. Moreover, we can provide QuickBooks software training to small business owners if they wish to learn on how to effectively use invoicing, basic data entry, and reporting functions of QuickBooks application.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper Toronto

Our bookkeeping firm offers its clients fair prices for our services. Consider that if business owners and entrepreneurs did their own bookkeeping? Any errors and mistakes (Intentional or not) will have serious long-term negative financial and tax consequences for a company. It includes improper categorization of expenses, over or under claiming GST/HST, various payroll errors, can result in incorrect filing of corporate taxes or GST/HST returns. On top of that, instead of spending valuable time on the growth and development of your company and running the business, you will have to continuously perform various tedious bookkeeping tasks of crunching numbers. And quite often, it takes more time and effort to correct messy books than to do something correctly in the first place. And working with us is an expense worthwhile. Our QuickBooks Bookkeeper Toronto team has extensive skills and training to handle all bookkeeping and accounting needs from payroll to preparing correctly. financial statements and corporate income tax return on time.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me Toronto

Ortus Accounting helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to effectively perform business analysis of their financial results. Bookkeeping Services Near Me Toronto ensures to generate and provide interim financial statements essential for periodic analysis of financial performance including using horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis techniques. In addition, we will ensure that information provided is effectively used for tracking cash inflows and outflows and cash flow management. Having all this information on time at your fingertips, you should be able to learn what parts of a business are working and what are not, what services/sales are more profitable than others and what expenses go over the budget. All this information will help you to evaluate the strength of your company and its operations, and improve weaknesses identified.

Bookkeeper Near Me Toronto

Working with Ortus Accounting means that your accounting and bookkeeping needs are managed by a professional. Despite the level of education of entrepreneurs and small business owners, it is safe to say that a professional bookkeeper will be able to keep track and manage your company’s finances better than themselves. Our team will ensure to deliver cost-effective, well-organized and accurate financial records of your company on time. In broader terms, our clients pay us not only for accuracy, but also the piece of the mind and second pair of eyes to ensure reliability of your accounting records. Working with the Bookkeeper Near Me Toronto team will help you to minimize risk of fraud, waste and abuse of the corporate resources. You will not get blindsided with the missed deadline or incorrectly made payments to the CRA. And finally, you do not have to worry about hiring/firing employees and support staff, and other costs associated with it.

Cloud Bookkeeping Toronto

Working with Cloud Bookkeeping Toronto services such as Sage Accounting will help you to automate and streamline bookkeeping processes as bank and credit card accounts synced with the automated feed from your financial institution.

Cloud Bookkeeper Toronto

Using online accounting applications such as QuickBooks with Online Cloud Bookkeeper Toronto ensures that your financial data is secure.

Online Bookkeeping Toronto

Online Bookkeeping Toronto usage cloud applications such as Wave Accounting strengthens business relationships with suppliers and customers as communication is more transparent, faster and easier.

Online Bookkeeper Toronto

Online Bookkeeper Toronto using online applications such as Xero will ensure that your records are compliant and risk of errors are minimal.

Bookkeeping Firm Toronto

Working with Bookkeeping Firm Toronto will offer you scalability of its services. Growing business typically starts from smaller accounting needs and continuously growing into a full scale of bookkeeping services required.

Bookkeeping Company Toronto

Bookkeeping Company Toronto ensures that our client’s internal financial records are kept confidential, private and secure.