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The following information will help you to understand essential elements of establishing long-term productive business relationships with our firm.



Ortus Accounting provides bookkeeping, management accounting and software training services in Toronto and GTA.

For any new client, we offer complimentary initial consultation to discuss bookkeeping needs in details. Whether your business is big or small, you always important to us, and you will get the same attention as anyone else. Our firm offers clear pricing policy for all our services. No surprises or hidden fees. Most importantly, we also aim to complete each engagement within reasonable time period upon receiving a complete package of the documents.

We always acknowledge the receipt of your email, return missed phone calls and respond to your inquiries within in reasonable time frame.

We enjoy meeting in person or have a conference call with our clients and go over financials or answer any questions they have.

Our employees are always honest with our clients – share our knowledge, do not withhold any information, and most importantly educate our clients how to better manage and grow business, and how to minimize risks of fraud, waste and abuse.

At Ortus Accounting, we honor our commitments and do best as we can to meet clients’ needs and expectation, but we also expecting same from our clients.

First and foremost, client responsibilities include providing a complete set of the financial documents on time.

Any unnecessarily delay in providing the documents typically result in interruption of services, additional costs due to back-and-forth communication, missing deadline, interests and penalties for late filing.

The process commence with providing the initial documentation.

After signing the engagement letter, we require you to provide the most recent copy of the financial statements and corporate tax return. You can also request from your previous accountant working trial balance and adjusting entries, general ledger and/or a copy of the QuickBooks file.

We work with QuickBooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online and recommend these software applications to our clients.

Then, you send your financial documents for the period required to complete the work.

You can email, share via Dropbox or courier your documents to our mailing address.

Please see “Contact Us” page.

Please ensure to include all the bank and credit card statements, as well as invoices, bills, etc. reasonably believed to be necessarily to complete the engagement.


Services Important Dates Processing Time
Monthly Bookkeeping and Quarterly GST/HST  filing GST/HST return and payment is due one month after the end of the reporting period 2-3 weeks*
Quarterly Bookkeeping and GST/HST filing GST/HST return and payment is due one month after the end of the reporting period 2-3 weeks*
Annual Bookkeeping and GST/HST filing GST/HST return and payment and corporate tax payment are due three months after fiscal year-end 3-5 weeks*

Average processing time may vary during busy season, client’s responsiveness, completeness and timing of providing documents and information required.


  • Advertising and marketing

  • Consulting and professionals – legal, consulting and real estate

  • General construction, manufacturing, repairs, gas stations

  • E-commerce, IT consulting, web design and development, e-sport

  • Medical, dental and health services and fitness/sport

  • Retail and wholesale, general commerce

  • Restaurants, fast food, catering, bars and cafeterias

  • And many others


For each engagement, we ensure that your bookkeeping is done appropriately, all the financial information is prepared accurately and due professional care.

We provide life time support for every bookkeeping and accounting engagement completed.

Upon completion of the work, we perform a thorough review of the file, and able to give advice and help with any questions that you may have about your business’ finances.

We stand behind our work.

Our goal is to customize a bookkeeping solution around your needs.


  • Maximizing resources-more time to focus on growth and business development of your own company

  • No backlogs, late filings and compliance- ongoing process of the keeping the accounting records up-to-date

  • Saving money-no need to hire a full time employee to do your books

  • Privacy – to keep your financial information private and secure

  • Rely on professionals – Bookkeeping is not a simple task

  • Service on demand-continuity and scalability

  • Tax and audit ready financials

  • Proactive and impartial advice-second opinion on your financial and operational performance

  • Business planning and optimization of resources

Please refer to our contact page or call us directly at (647) 877-5605.






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