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Financial Controller Services Toronto

Has your business reached the point where you are constantly seeking financial advice, but might not necessarily need a full-time CFO or controller.

Controller Part-time CFO

Our outsourced financial controller services designed to meet your company’s growing business needs. Often enough, you might require someone professionally and at affordable cost to help to gain a firm grasp on more complex and challenging aspects of your financials. In addition, we will be able to provide business advice and timely insight on your operations. Moreover, second pair of eyes always helpful to minimize opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse of the corporate resources.

Our approach will bring competitive advantages enjoyed by large organizations to the small and medium-size companies.

We assume this strategic role and work closely with you to enhance value of your business. In addition, we will help you to plan and implement strategy on how to grow your business operations. Also, we focus on applying the right financial metrics to evaluate financial results. Most importantly, we aim to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency of financial reporting and internal controls. .

If it sounds like you, then we have the right solution for you. Our Part-Time CFO / Controller service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to further success.

We will closely work with you on the following tasks:

  • Prepare management reports to monitor your company’s financial performance

  • Oversight and reporting month-end closing

  • Interpret interim financial results

  • Perform horizontal and vertical analysis with previous reporting periods or current year budget

  • Review expenditures to ensure legitimacy, analyze variances and initiate corrective actions to meet budget targets

  • Administer accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Management of bookkeeping and accounting processes

  • Overview internal control policies and procedure to minimize risks and opportunities for fraud, waste and abuse

  • Develop budgets

  • Inventory tracking and job costing
  • Financial ratio analysis and performance measurement

  • Manage special projects

Why to outsource with ortus accounting?

  • Accurate reporting of financial condition and performance of your business

  • Segregation of duties

  • Confidentiality

  • Ongoing and systematic process of supervision

  • Control turnover rate among your bookkeeper, accountant and administrative personnel

  • Helping you to make sound business decisions

  • Cost less that have a full time controller

  • Efficiency

Our goal is to help you to track the movement of your money and be able to manage your time, energy and assets of your business in the most efficient way possible. Your company will be able to retain more income earned and reduce risks of fraud, waste and abuse of the corporate resources.

We also will be able to help you to clean up your accounting records using the following several steps approach:

  • First step is to determine if you have a problem. In this initial step, we perform a diagnostic review of your company’s QuickBooks file. This process includes examining your accounting records to ensure accuracy, objectivity, and reliability of the financial information.

  • Secondly, we review your company’s accounting processes and its compliance with ASPE and ITA rules and regulations. The main objective aims to understand existing business processes like how income is recorded, bills paid, any tax filings, expenses categorization, payroll, etc.

  • In addition, we will be looking for ways to improve and streamline financial processes and implement best bookkeeping practices.

  • We will help you to catch up with current bookkeeping and clean up the file. It includes entering historic transactions, performing reconciliations, re-aligning the chart of accounts for better reporting, correcting balance sheet issues (if any).

  • Our team makes every effort to understand your corporate culture, operations and business environment.

  • Also, we ensure that your books are clean, accurate, audit-proof and tax-ready.

  • Findings will be delivered in the user-friendly format. It also include recommendations for improvement and list of corrections required.

  • And most importantly, we help you to improve your internal controls and segregation of duties.

The common signs if your company’s accounting records have a problem:

  • Accounting records do not match with financial statements or tax return

  • Missing retained earnings

  • General ledger errors

  • Excessive business expenses

  • Unauthorized withdrawals

  • Bank discrepancies

  • Inconsistent capital asset depreciation

  • Static inventory levels

  • Inconsistent foreign exchange, etc.

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