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Sustainable Bookkeeping Services

Ortus Accounting is committed to provide sustainable bookkeeping, management accounting, consulting and training solutions to small and midsize businesses in Toronto and GTA..

SustainabilitySustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations, by protecting human health, conserving the environment, using resources efficiently and advancing long-term economic competitiveness.

Our efforts towards sustainability are governed by a commitment to planning and implementing ecoenergetic, environmentally safe measures to ensure that our office and operations are more effcient and effective.

We have taken strategic measures to reduce our energy and resource consumption and we continue to explore innovative approaches to reducing our own environmental footprint.

They focus on energy efficiency and air quality control, water management and consumption, the use of materials and re-use of surplus materials, the quality of interior spaces and the ecological development of exterior sites.


  • We encourage our clients with electronic communication/documentation whenever possible

  • We use environmentally responsible and ENERGY STAR® office equipment and kitchen appliances. They effectively minimizes energy consumption and environmental impact

  • Our stationery is purchased with recycled content when possible and items are recycled or reused among our team members

  • We use daylight as much as possible and encourage no unnecessary waste of the electricity in occupied space

  • We use all the office furniture and computer equipment over the long period of time

  • We implement office waste reduction processes. It includes safely recycling of office equipment, furniture and other durable materials.  We also aim to reduce the amount of water used by installing water efficient measures

  • We will manage waste generated by our business as efficiently as possible, and will seek to reduce, reuse and recycle waste wherever possible

  • Recycled toner and laser cartridges are used

  • We minimize printing, use recycled paper and double-sided printing whenever possible

  • We encourage alternative methods of transportation and usage of public transit

  • We scan and safely return back to clients all the documents provided upon completion of work. Any hard copies of the printed financial documents are securely shredded to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the financial information

  • Refillable bottles are used for hand soap and dishwashing liquid

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products are used

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • We will encourage and promote environmental awareness amongst our staff through information, instruction and training


Our company uses delivery services employing people with disabilities.
We will share our sustainability policy and objectives with our clients. Also, where appropriate, we encourage our clients to adopt environmental and sustainability strategies.


We will periodically review and, if necessary, revise our environmental policy to ensure that it continues to meet the highest best practice standards.


We will communicate our sustainability policy internally and externally.

Our goal is a constant growth in the community and to increase our social partnerships.






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