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Have you realized yet that there is more to accounting than just financial statements and good bookkeeping?


Sometimes you may need just a little extra help. And we can provide it. Rather than only managing day-to-day transactions, as other accounting and bookkeeping firms do, our consulting and managerial accounting services include analyzing your company’s financial records and developing internal accounting information as a tool for helping managers and business owners to make informative business decisions that satisfy customers while continuously monitoring costs and improving efficiency and controls of business operations. Also, we offer advice on improving profitability, accounting processes and internal controls, monitoring and forecasting costs and revenues, compliance with accounting and tax rules and regulations.

In addition, we will help you to understand what the various financial reports mean, and how the data you’re seeing affects your company. Whether you want to get a business loan, answer an auditor, or simply design next year’s budget and business plan, you can always count on us. We ensure that each of these tasks is completed correctly, in a timely manner, and that they are accurate enough to be truly useful for your business.

Our goal is to help you identify weaknesses and tap into opportunities to improve operational efficiency, maximize profits and increase value of your business.

We can help you with the followings tasks:

  • Accounting system setup and support

  • Accounts payable and receivable analysis

  • Budget creation, forecasting and business planning

  • Profitability, break-even and cash-flow analysis

  • Financial ratios and key performance indicators

  • Managerial and cost accounting

  • Setting up consistent accounting practices

  • Internal control analysis and improvement

  • Number of other special accounting projects upon request

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