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Bookkeeping Services London Ontario

Ortus Accounting provides accounting, bookkeeping, controller and software training services in London Ontario.

Are you receiving A full value for the money you pay for the bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping Services London

Without a solid foundation of the accurate bookkeeping, financial statements or income tax return are meaningless. First of all, proper bookkeeping gives companies a reliable measure of their financial performance. Secondly, it helps to effectively manage cash flows, make strategic decisions and evaluations. Most importantly, it helps to achieve tax compliance, and provides reliable financial data to investors and business owners. In short, once a business is up and running, spending extra time and money on maintaining proper records is critical. Besides that, you are required under the law to maintain accurate books and records. In fact, “poor accounting” is one of the top reasons businesses fail. Without reliable bookkeeping, you are blindly driving your business off a cliff. And At Ortus Accounting, our team is here for you!

Our ongoing bookkeeping service is the effective way to get up-to-date, meaningful and well-organized financial records regardless of the location, industry or business cycle of your company and without administrative and financial costs of hiring a full-time employee

Whether you are growing or well-established business, individually owned or franchise operation, we are here to help. Our firm will provide bookkeeping solutions you require and deliver high-quality, reliable, uninterrupted and timely professional services essential for growth and success of your business.

At Ortus Accounting, we have the expertise, system and resources to continuously manage and maintain your company’s financial records in compliance with the accounting and income tax rules and regulations. Our team ensures that your financial statements and corporate tax return are based on a reliable and audit proof bookkeeping. Your records will be prepared with at most due professional care and in a timely fashion.

You only will pay for the services you need, and only when you need them. We don’t outsource your bookkeeping – all bookkeeping is done by real humans in Toronto. We will provide you with the necessary support for your ongoing success. Our clients receive practically immediate access to their financial records once the bookkeeping is complete. We currently serve the areas of London, Toronto and GTA.

Our company provides the best bookkeeping services money can buy!

In sum, we will properly account for all of your revenues and expenses, reconcile bank and credit card accounts. We can also manage your accounts payable and accounts receivable. We also ensure that sales taxes, employer health tax, WSIB and payroll deductions accurately accounted for and filed on time. Therefore, we will work closely with your company to ensure that you receive the best personalized service available.

Our company provides the following bookkeeping and general accounting services that are tailored to meet your business needs and goals:

  • Bank and credit card reconciliation

  • Correct set of your chart of accounts

  • Data migration from older software applications into QuickBooks

  • Record all the revenues and expenses

  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Accounting for capital assets, inventory, loans, mortgages and leases, related-party transactions

  • Merchandising operations/COGS, foreign exchange and multiple currency, payroll, out-of-pocket expenses, petty cash, etc.

  • Prepare and file GST / HST returns, WSIB and EHT

  • Interim financial statements (for your personal use) and advisory

  • Year-end support including year-end documentation and schedules require for the compilation of notice to reader financial statements

We offer monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services.


  • Send your documents – email or courier to our office

  • We work – we review and process financial and operations documents provided

  • We follow-up – If there are unknown transactions or suspicious financial activity, we will ask you to clarify and/or provide support

  • Review – upon completion of the bookkeeping, we email you management reports and general ledger for review and approval


  • Improve quality and timeliness of financial information

  • Quick response to your email or telephone inquiries

  • Improve management and financial decision-making abilities

  • Free up valuable time that can be used for a business development

  • Keep track of important deadlines for government filings and payments

  • Achieve greater efficiency by involving an outside expert

  • Same bookkeeper works for you to guarantee quality and efficiency

  • Provide valuable advice on what needs to be changed on the spot to comply with CRA requirements
  • Stay on top of your paperwork by organizing and filing it
  • Minimize exposure from accounting personnel turnover

  • Strict quality control and full support from our office

Contact us for a free consultation to determine which type of bookkeeping is required or beneficial for your business.

Bookkeeping Service London Ontario

Our bookkeeping firm can help entrepreneurs and small business owners to track and report money flowing through its operations. It includes proper revenue recognition, taking all necessary and available deductions, as well as properly recording investing and financing activities. Bookkeeping Service London Ontario will also assist you with preparing, filing and meeting reporting requirements with the CRA regarding value added taxes such as HST, payroll or income taxes, as well as management compensation. Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services with our company also will help you to stay focused on your core business activities and achieve performance goals and desired profitability.

Bookkeeping Services in London Ontario

Our firm offers over 10 years of public accounting knowledge and experience to make proper recordkeeping actually happen. Poor accounting and record keeping is one of the major reasons why a lot of businesses fail as they can not track the inflow and outflow of cash correctly. But the good thing is, it is totally avoidable. Bookkeeping Services in London Ontario will keep your financial records in compliance with province and federal tax laws, rules and regulations. In addition, we will help you to keep your business afloat and run it like a well-oiled machine by producing interim financial statements that can effectively be used for financial analysis and KPI. Proper bookkeeping is the only way to track your revenues and expenses correctly, that would result in in-debt understanding your business operations and making wise strategic decisions.

Bookkeeper London Ontario

We offer our clients highly reliable and accurate bookkeeping services in recording all the business transactions. There can be no greater example as garbage in, garbage out than daily bookkeeping routine. Moreover, you can always count on us that your emails and phone calls will be answered or returned as promptly as possible. We are not afraid to answer our clients any question regarding completion of the work or nature of business transactions recorded in the books. Bookkeeper London Ontario ensures that engagement is complete in a time frame agreed upon as well. And our firm delivers honest work, efficient and effective bookkeeping services to its clients.

London Ontario Bookkeeper

We work very closely with our clients and provide them well prepared interim financial statements upon completion of monthly or quarterly bookkeeping engagement. London Ontario Bookkeeper continuously communicates with our clients regarding their expenses, sources of income, liabilities incurred, assets. Therefore, the following items included in all our bookkeeping packages:

  • Close to real-time customized interim financial reports;
  • Analysis and insight into financial progress and changes in relation to your corporate goals and objectives;
  • Providing vital for any businesses support related to financial forecasting, budgeting, business planning and any other ad-hoc projects.

Bookkeeping London Ontario

Ortus Accounting continuously gets engaged in professional development and training of its team members. A lot of accountants and bookkeepers just work and never look at how they actually do things. Bookkeeping London Ontario uses every opportunity to stay abreast with continuously changing tax rules and regulations, expand their accounting knowledge of GAAP such as ASPE and IFRS, as well as improve bookkeeping skills in order to deliver its clients the best bookkeeping solutions money can buy. The more knowledgeable and educated our employees are, the better we can spot patterns in your operations, prevent reporting errors and help to realize the full potential of tax savings and deductions your business is entitled to.

London Ontario Bookkeeping

London Ontario Bookkeeping at Ortus Accounting always does our homework and learns new things about our clients’ industries. Presently, we work with advertising and marketing, business professionals and consulting, construction and trade, e-commerce, e-sport and information technology companies, fitness and sports, food and catering, retail and real estate, medical and healthcare businesses. The better we know our client’s industry specifics, trends and operating conditions, the better we can design its services with more efficient bookkeeping practices and processes and more meaningful financial reporting solutions to evaluate business performance.

Bookkeeping in London Ontario

Main objective of our firm is to work with all our clients and to provide a clear and meaningful picture about our clients business performance in a timely manner. We deliver periodic interim financial reporting such as balance sheet, income and cash flow statements for financial analysis. In addition to basic bookkeeping, our firm provides money-saving strategies, maximizing deductions, and delivers on-time filing of sales or corporate income taxes. Bookkeeping in London Ontario genuinely cares about its clients’ profitability, and long term operational efficiency and business growth. We ensure to advise our clients about true costs of running their business including decreasing opportunity losses of potential revenues and expenses.

Outsourced Bookkeeping London Ontario

Outsourced Bookkeeping London Ontario does its best to prioritize their clients’ businesses. We ensure to be available to our clients when they need us, and aim to complete an engagement in agreed upon time. We always maintain honest, continuous and open communication with our clients and do our best to understand their business goals, objectives and requirements. At the same time, our firm expects our clients to do the same for us. It includes valuing our time, or providing all financial documentation required to complete an engagement in an efficient manner, upon request and/or in advance. We also expect our clients to make payments for our invoices as they become due. Outsourcing your bookkeeping with our firm is easier than you think and essential to grow your business.

Monthly Bookkeeping London Ontario

Monthly Bookkeeping London Ontario will help you to continuously maintain your bookkeeping and accounting records up to date. A lot of business owners wait till year end to reconcile their books. It typically results in increased bookkeeping costs, getting buried in the paperwork or not catching various errors on time. Our firm will reconcile all your accounts on time, record all revenue and expenses, and/or keep track of your shareholders loan. We will deliver you interim financial statements for review on time. You will be able to evaluate your periodic financial performance, assess the growth of your company and examine all operating activity in detail as well.

Small Business Bookkeeping London Ontario

Working with Small Business Bookkeeping London Ontario regularly will help you to file corporate taxes or sales taxes such as GST/HST on time. As a result, it minimizes risk of being audited by tax authorities. Our bookkeeping firm helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to avoid red flags that CRA typically notices and uses them to go after businesses. It includes, but no limited to discrepancies between corporate tax revenue for a year and GST/HST filings, large business expenses, or continuous debits of shareholder loan balances. Ortus Accounting will ensure that your books are accurate and up-to-date, and a properly prepared response to the CRA will make them from your case to the next as quickly as possible. Thus, it will leave less time for the business owners to worry about the audit and how to get through it as fast and painlessly as possible, and let them spend more time on actually growing their business.

Small Business Bookkeeper London Ontario

Our team will ensure that all the deductions that your business is entitled to, are actually captured and properly recorded in your company’s books and ledgers. Small Business Bookkeeper London Ontario will deliver reliable and consistent bookkeeping records and minimize risk of missing a legitimate business expense that you otherwise would have received. It includes personal use of a vehicle, home office or reimbursement expenses, etc. On the other hand, working with us helps you to keep all your records organized and easily accessible as CRA could disallow some expenses if no proper record keeping takes place or does not exist at all.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping London Ontario

QuickBooks Bookkeeping London Ontario will contribute to improve your corporate cash inflows. Our team ensures that its clients will have accurate records regarding their accounts payable and receivables. It will help you to implement effective cash flow management policies to speed up collections as well as control payments to your vendors. Continuously improving cash flow management policies, you will be able to increase the amount of cash on hands at any given time. On top of that, we will help you be able to generate cash flow reports that can be used for analysis of cash related transactions, by using both direct and indirect methods. Cash flow reports can also effectively be used in combination with other reports such as income statement and balance sheet.

QuickBooks Bookkeeper London Ontario

QuickBooks Bookkeeper London Ontario will significantly improve your decision making. It is nearly impossible to make wise business decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate financial information. We will ensure that your accounting records up to date and have all business related information required at your fingertips at any given moment of time. You are no longer going to guess how much your business makes and will be able to map your business goals more accurately and quickly adapt to continuously changing macroeconomic conditions, business and operating realities.

Bookkeeping Services Near Me London Ontario

Ortus Accounting ensures that you get all the operation benefits having your books and records up to date. It includes knowing precisely who owes you money and how much, whom you owe money, and when payment is expected, liabilities to the CRA for taxes or shareholders balances at the year end. Bookkeeping Services Near Me London Ontario will assist you with keeping your records accurate and reliable, and avoid costly errors of late payments to suppliers or government. We will deliver you financial information that you can use to your advantage to grow and succeed, instead of relying on good luck or intuition in running day to day operations and planning and decision-making process. And our company will deliver the best bookkeeping services money can buy!

Bookkeeper near me London Ontario

Bookkeeper Near Me London Ontario delivers you meaningful financial reporting that you can use to evaluate your business performance. There is much more to just recording revenue and expenses. Our bookkeeping company provides accurate and reliable bookkeeping services that will help you to evaluate and decide on how effectively you use your corporate resources and how you can adjust and improve your financial performance. With our assistance, you will be continuously evaluating your current results and analyzing historical financial information, its cycles and patterns. You could easily know whether performance has improved over the period of time, or what areas still need improvements, what products or services are more profitable or which you need to discontinue.

Cloud Bookkeeping London Ontario

Cloud Bookkeeper London Ontario

Online Bookkeeping London Ontario

Online Bookkeeper London Ontario

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